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Chriszen is a proud Malaysian cosmetic and skin care brand that is established to create creative and quality beauty products that could cater the skin of Southeast Asian females. The story began when Mandy Leong committed to kick off her entrepreneurship journey as early as the time she was studying Form 6. Young and ambitious she is, started as a retailer and expanded her business to become a wholesaler over the years. She has been selling to her classmates, opening a stall at night market, and eventually opening 3 shops within a year.

In 2014, Mandy has decided to launch her own homegrown cosmetic and skin care brand which became Chriszen that we know today. Mandy is also the current Managing Director of the brand together with her brother, Ivan Leong. Chriszen has been also participating and featured in national-level beauty exhibition including Beauty Professional Malaysia, Beauty Professional Indonesia, and Cosmobeaute.

The success of Chriszen can be reflected through receiving numerous prestigious brand awards as well as winning competitions. To highlight a few, Chriszen is rewarded as the Super Health Brand during the 14th Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Ceremony (APC) as well as won the grand prize of Alliance Bank-EcoWorld BizSmart Challenge 2018.