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Order Fulfillment Assistant – No more double shipments and sending cancelled orders

Are you currently facing the problems below?

1) Sending parcels of the same order twice?
2) Often shipping out cancelled orders?

Imagine yourself shipping out a number of cancelled orders, how much unnecessary shipping fee will you be losing?
Furthermore, it is unlikely to have customers return the products to you. Not only would you have to bear the shipping fee, you would also need to absorb the product cost.

Feeling anxious?

No worries! What you need is the Order Fulfillment Assistant.

It is a webstore app that helps you to cross-check your Lazada and Shopee order status, preventing you from double packing, packing the wrong item and orders with cancelled status.

How will Order Fulfillment Assistant benefit me? :
✅ When you scan wrong SKUs for an order, it will notify you with a beep sound.
✅ Minimise your business loss by counter-checking your Lazada or Shopee order statuses before sent out your parcels for delivery.
✅ By tracking the packing rate of your staff, it’s easier to plan for manpower during marketplace mega sales and non-peak seasons.
✅ It helps to speed up the packing process and fulfillment by standardizing the packing quantity to all your packing staff.


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