SiteGiant Facebook Commerce


SiteGiant Facebook Commerce is a must-have tools for every successful Facebook Business.


There are over 1 billion active users monthly in Facebook, and that’s why we encourage you to sell on Facebook. However, there are a lot of merchants struggling on Facebook, reason being you have to be very attentive with comments and PMs, not to mention customers who ask the same questions all day long. As your customer base grows bigger in Facebook, your time spend on Facebook gets longer as well. Replying customers’ comments and pms, following up with customers one by one and checking your inventory, we can’t just ignore the elephant in the room.

SiteGiant Facebook Commerce consist of:
✅ Facebook Store
✅ Facebook Messenger Store
✅ Facebook Smart Responder
✅ Facebook Messenger Bot

It helps you to save time dealing with customers on Facebook, same time converting your page visitors to customers!

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