SiteGiant Facebook Smart Responder

There are over 1 billion active users monthly in Facebook, and that is why we encourage you to sell on Facebook.

However, have you ever experience having too much comments to reply after your publish your products?

Sometimes you might even accidentally miss out one or two comments.

You are losing your potential customers and time day by day if that’s the case.

That’s why we came out with Facebook Smart Responder to help you sell on Facebook more efficiently.

AUTOMATICALLY Replies Within Seconds

We believe you have other more important things to do than replying customers on the clock. Let Facebook Smart Responder replies them for you!

Set up standard reply for certain keywords and it will automatically replies comments for you.

PM Made Easy
Facebook Smart Responder will also AUTOMATICALLY send a private message to your customers, so customers can pick up where they left off.

It’s easier for you to follow up on your customers as well!

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