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Fashion fade, style lasts forever. In B.U.M. Equipment, this is what we believe. Founded in the U.S.A in 1986, B.U.M. Equipment’s all-American heritage is reflected in the apparel and merchandise that capture the essence of American college lifestyle.


Starting off in a garage in Seattle, the label started off as a joke to poke a bit of fun at gym-goes who were wearing thin sweatshirts to the gym in the mid ‘80s. As an alternative, B.U.M. offered great-looking, quality, cotton sweatshirt with meaningless letters on them to see if anyone would buy them. The sweatshirts proved to be so popular that the label expanded its range and there has been no turning back since.


The B.U.M. range consists of Young Men, Junior (young women) and B.U.M. kids (for kid aged 4-12). Now, B.U.M. has expanded its range to Men and Women, truly becoming a brand for everyone. Locally, B.U.M. Equipment has been in the Malaysian market since 1993.


Besides apparel, the label also offers innerwear, timepieces, eyewear, leather goods (wallets, purses, handbags, belts), bags (backpacks and sports bags) and footwear (socks).


B.U.M. Equipment is available at B.U.M. concept shops nationwide. Shop now at our stores and be part of our vast history.

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